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6.826 lab assignments infrastructure

This file provides common infrastructure for the lab assignments for 6.826 (Principles of Computer Systems). You can explore this common infrastructure by browsing the coqdoc documentation for the libraries imported here.
All of the code you will be writing for 6.826 lab assignments will import all of this common infrastructure using Require Import POCS, which you will see at the top of the files we will be giving you for the labs.
We include some libraries from the Coq standard library:
Require Export List.
Require Export Arith.
Require Export Lia.
Helpers.Helpers has some definitions to augment the standard library, as well as a variety of proof automation (Ltac) used to simplify writing proofs with the POCS infrastructure.
Require Export Helpers.Helpers.
Helpers.Disk defines our disk model. Disks are defined as lists of blocks, with many helper functions and theorems.
Require Export Helpers.Disk.
Spec.Proc defines proc, the type of the procedures you'll write in 6.826. We also describe how these procedures run, including how procedures can crash and how the system can run a recovery procedure afterward.
Require Export Spec.Proc.
Spec.Abstraction defines how we write specifications in terms of abstraction relations.
Require Export Spec.Abstraction.
Spec.Recovery proves a number of theorems for reasoning about recovery across abstraction layers.
Require Export Spec.Recovery.
Spec.Loop provides loop combinators, along with a way of proving that the loop meets a specification by writing a loop invariant.
Require Export Spec.Loop.